Why You Should Use Naturel Spa

You need something to keep your spa or hot tub clean, clear and safe. Without outside help, normal use of your spa will cause the water to cloud up, turn green and become a breeding ground for all kinds of organisms that harm you.

For decades, spa owners have been using bromine and chlorine to disinfect their spas. When used correctly, they can keep your spa safe. But they have some serious shortcomings when it comes to keeping your spa clean and clear without a lot of time consuming maintenance on your part and help from other chemicals. And, more importantly, bromine, chlorine and their chemical helpers can have serious consequences when it comes to your health.

Take Bromine…

It’s not friendly at all. It upsets your water’s pH so you’re always adding chemicals to keep the levels just right. It attacks metal, so you need to add special chemicals to help keep your pump and heater from being eaten away. And as the bromine builds up, your water gets cloudy. Oops. So now you must add clarifier, which causes foaming. You add defoamers and now your filter clogs up. Now it’s time to clean the filter. This gets old after the first time. Now imagine doing this every one to three months when you drain the water and refill your spa.

Aside from the heavy maintenance load and the stress bromine puts on your spa, it’s hard on you and your loved ones. Did you know bromine attacks your mucous membranes? That’s why your eyes burn when you put your head under water. The bromine is literally burning away your body’s protection. Women repeatedly get vaginitis or yeast infections from water treated with bromine, and anybody can get folliculitis, a rash caused by inflamed hair follicles.

Did you know bromine is a strong pesticide that burns your skin and breaks down your body’s natural defenses? It attacks your nervous system if swallowed or inhaled. Although it’s not difficult to keep from swallowing spa water, it’s impossible to avoid inhaling toxic fumes while you’re soaking in your spa.

Bromine is insidious because when you inhale it, you can’t feel the damage it does because it deadens your senses! Sooner or later you and your family will fall victim to the unpleasant side effects of this harsh chemical—and it may take months for you to recover.

What About Chlorine?

As bad as bromine is, chlorine is worse. It’s much stronger than bromine. It burns your lungs, irritates your eyes and dries your skin. You know when you have chlorine in your water because you can feel it. It smells bad, bleaches out your hair, your swimsuit and most plastics. Chlorine destroys plants, animals and most metals. Chlorine byproducts are classified as cancer suspect agents by the EPA which is why increasing numbers of Southern California water treatment facilities are eliminating chlorine from the public drinking water.

BaquaSpa® (Poly-Hexa-Methylene-Biguanide) creates an odorless gas that robs you of oxygen, making it difficult to breathe and induces coughing. It coats the inside of your spa and clogs the filter. You need to check and add chemicals every few days to keep the water balanced. And, similar to bromine, you must drain the spa every three months.

Do you really want to work that hard on your spa AND expose yourself to harsh chemicals? With Naturel Spa, you pour in a bottle every two months, hose off the filter at the same time and drain the spa once a year. No weekly balancing or shocking. No special chemicals. Compare this to the weekly or daily routine of other products, all those chemicals you have to buy, and draining your spa every few months.

You only need two products: Citri-Clean to clean your spa and prevent scale or stains and Naturel Spa to maintain a clean, clear and odorless spa with sparkling water. You don’t need twelve different products to do what Naturel Spa does with a single bottle. IT’S SO EASY!

Your water is much more pleasant. Soft, really soft, water. Feels like you’re soaking in epsom salts.

Your water is clear…and stays that way. Even with all the jets running on high and the air blowers full on, you can see right through the water. You’ll never keep water this clear with bromine, BaquaSpa® or Nature2®.

No Foam—No Scum—No Stains—And No Odor

You will have the best water—GUARANTEED or Your Money Back!

YOU SAVE MONEY & TIME: Bromine, Chlorine, Shock, pH Up, pH Down, Metal Gone, Defender, Bright & Clear, Foam Down, etc. Just how much do you spend on chemicals every year? And how much time do you spend testing your spa, measuring out chemicals and driving to the store to buy them?

More than 20,000 spa owners are now using Naturel Spa because it really is the best product for your spa. And for you!

No dangerous fumes • Will not hurt your pump, your heater or your skin • Will not bleach out your hair or your swimsuit • Will not destroy your cover

With Naturel Spa, your spa is ready to use when you are. No need to check the levels every time you go to use it or having to add chemicals and wait.

And we deliver! Boxes are mailed UPS Ground. You save money AND you’ll have more time to enjoy soaking in your spa rather than working on your spa. Your water will never be so nice and so easy to care for.

Our Flagship Product…Naturel Spa

Naturel Spa bottle

Naturel Spa– Keep your spa safe, clean and crystal-clear with NO TOXIC CHEMICALS.“Hands off” all natural spa maintenance with NO chemical balancing, regular testing or regular shock treatments!

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Best Value and Most Popular Package

4-Pack Combo of Naturel Spa

Naturel Spa – 4-Pack, Four 16-oz. Bottles
12% savings over individually ordered bottles!

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12% savings over individually ordered bottles!

Combo 4-Pack with Citri-Clean

Combo 4-Pack – One 20-oz bottle of Citri-Clean and three 16-oz. bottles of Naturel Spa

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5- pack Combo with Naturel Spa and Citri-Clean 5 pack

Combo 5-Pack – One 20-oz bottle of Citri-Clean and four 16-oz. bottles of Naturel Spa

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Naturel Spa Starter Kit wiht Naturel Spa and Citri-Clean

Naturel Spa Starter Kit – 20 oz. of Citri-Clean and 16-oz. bottle of Naturel Spa. A 1-2-punch for a healthy spa.

  • Eliminate scale, corrosion and chemical buildup in your spa caused by chemicals used in the past with Citri-Clean.
  • Then keep it clean, safe and crystal-clear with Naturel Spa.

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