When to Add Another Bottle of Naturel Spa

Knowing when to add a bottle of Naturel Spa depends on how many people use the spa, how often they use it and how long it’s been since you last added a bottle to your spa or hot tub. It can get quite complicated so we’ve included a chart that will make it easy for you to know when to add a bottle of Naturel Spa.

The chart is based on over 20 years of helping people just like you get the most out of using Naturel Spa. Whenever people follow the scheduled addition of Naturel Spa according to the chart, they have clean, healthy, crystal-clear and odor-free water…every time.

Follow the guide to keep your spa or hot tub truly CareFree!

How Often Should You Add a Bottle of Naturel Spa to Your Spa or Hot Tub?

Use the chart below to find out how often you should add a bottle of Naturel Spa. These numbers are based on each person being in the spa for 20 minutes each time they get in.

If nobody is using the spa or hot tub, add a bottle of Naturel Spa every six (6) months otherwise follow the schedule below.

How Often Spa or Hot Tub Is Used
2 wks
1x/wk 2x/wk 3x/wk 4x/wk 5x/wk 6x/wk 7x/wk
1 person 5 mo 3 ½ mo 3 ½ mo 2 ½ mo 2 mo 2 mo 7 wks 6 wks
2 people 4 mo 3 mo 2 mo 7 wks 6 wks 6 wks 5 wks 5 wks
3 people 4 mo 2 ½ mo 6 wks 6 wks 5 wks 1 mo 3 wks 3 wks
4 people 3 ½ mo 2 mo 5 wks 5 wks 1 mo 3 wks 2 wks 2 wks

A full bottle of Naturel Spa is for spas 500 gallons or less. Here’s how much to add for different sized spas.

  • For spas larger than 500 gallons, add 1 bottle for every 500 gallons of water.
  • For spas 250-500 gallons, add a full bottle at a time.
  • For spas under 250 gallons, following the above chart, one bottle of Naturel Spa will last the same amount of time regardless of the size of the spa. Or you can add ½ the bottle at a time and add the product twice as often.

When one person sits in a spa for 15 minutes you give 2 to 4 ounces of contaminants from your skin. It is the same in a 200 gallon spa or a 500 gallon spa. It is more seeable and more concentrated in the smaller spa.

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