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My wife and I first tried Naturel Spa products in May 2008 in our Jacuzzi Spa. We had been using bromide before and were very tired of the smell and the feeling on our bodies. We went online looking for an alternative that is when we found the Natural Spa products. We made our first order. When we got the products we used the Citri-Clean (orange cleaner) first to clean out everything that we had used before.

After flushing out our spa and refilling it, we put in our first bottle of Natural Spa. We were immediately hooked on the product. Our spa was just so much better to be in and we felt refreshed after getting out. We didn’t smell like bromide. We have a big family and whenever they came over and got in the spa they loved getting into it since it was so much more fun to enjoy.

If you are ready to try something different for easy maintenance of your spa. This is the way to go. Every 2 months we put in another bottle of Natural Spa and enjoy. We use Citri-Clean every year to clean out our spa. It also cleans out the lines of anything that has deposited on them during the year from your water.

Enjoy  Like we do.
Dave and Edie Swenby , Noblesville IN

Like many Californians, we had a spa. When we moved to Washington, DC we wanted one here, too, and it is really fun to go in the spa when it snows, especially at night. But, our sessions were limited because my husband’s skin was sensitive to the chemicals and became quite irritated after just a few minutes, until we discovered Carefree’s Naturel Spa in 2010. My husband’s skin cleared up immediately, and as the one who applies the chemicals, I was happy to go from once or more per week to once a month! I also like that they are natural and not “chemicals”. And, after nine years of their use, our spa is still in good shape and we use it regularly. I highly recommend these products!
Janet, Washington DC

I’ve used Carefree Naturel Spa since 2004. I have nothing but good things to say about it.
On the few occasions I’ve had to have the spa serviced, the service man said he can’t believe my spa is in such great shape considering how old it is, & for being out in the Las Vegas heat. I credit Naturel Spa for this. None of the pipes or motors show any corrosion, & they are all original. The water is always sparkling clean.
I highly recommend this to anyone who is inquiring about it.
Ray D, Nevada

“Before I was just using the bromide and it was constantly everyday, you know, check the bromide. Check the level and then the bromide would get too strong. And then your eyes would burn and it was just horrible.

Matter of fact, we didn’t like the spa very much because it was a constant battle for me trying to keep the chemicals balanced

This is how long my spa care takes me every two months. I go out. I open up the spa. I take my filter out. I set it off to the side. I dump a bottle of carefree in it and I close my spa and I’m done for the next two months. You don’t have to check the pH level because there is no pH level. You don’t have to check the bromide level because there is no bromide. You don’t have to do anything. You pour this stuff in once every two months that’s how long my spa care takes. This stuff does exactly what they say it’s going to do. It delivers. I can’t imagine anybody starting to use this stuff and going back to the old bromine chlorine thing. I can’t imagine that.”
Chuck Milligan – SANTEE, CA

“Hello, I’m John Dahlgren. I’ve been a user of the carefree spa products for four or five years. A friend of mine told me about it, showed me his spa, how clean and clear it was and I thought ‘Doggone, I don’t want to fool around with chemicals anymore. I’m going to try this.’ It’s been a sensational experience. I put some additional product about every 60 days. I dump my water maybe about every 8 months. Clean my filter about once a week. Everything stays so fresh and clear. And I’m just very happy with it. If you’d like to call me to really verify what I’m saying, call me, 760 631 2675. I’m in Vista, California. I hope you use the Carefree Spa product.”
John Dahlgren – VISTA, CA

“I’ve really been happy with the spa treatment program from THE CAREFREE SPA, INC.  I saw their rep, Darlene at the Del Mar Fair in June 2006, bought their products, and have been using their spa treatment ever since.  No more smelly, hazardous chemicals to contend with from now on.  Spa does not smell like chlorine, our bathing suits (we don’t skinny dip) last a lot longer, and, less time spent on spa cleaning.  Just follow directions on the bottle and…  instead of checking pH & chlorine every few days, I add one bottle of NATUREL SPAS once every two months, clean the filter at that time, and I’m good for another 2 months.  It is important to follow the directions on the bottles, using their CITRI-CLEAN once a year, and the NATUREL SPAS once every two months.  That’s it.  When I’ve had trouble with understanding the directions on the bottles, a phone call to Darlene has always put me back on track again.  I am a very satisfied customer.”
Ron Rayhawk, Valley Center, CA

“Bought product in 1996 – excellent results – haven’t used chemicals since – water perfectly clear – haven’t had to drain water.”
Nancy B. – VISTA, CA

“It’s so nice not to have to relax into a chemical filled spa. We have been very happy and will continue to use your product!”

“We are enjoying Le Naturel Spa. No more itching and our skin feels great! We refer our friends to use this product because it is so good. We highly recommend it.”

“Le Naturel Spa is just wonderful! Just as fresh as when I put it in (3 months ago). I’m just in love with this stuff.”

“I was skeptical but bought your product last year. Hooray! No more draining. No more polishing. It really works!”
Pete M. – CHINO, CA

“Great product – Less time taking care of the spa – More time to be in it and No nasty smells”

“I am Joyce from Ohio and just placed my second order. Love the product and enjoy not having blood shot eyes and coughing from the chlorine I used to use. My spa in located in my garage and I soon notice that my tools were rusting from the chemicals. Since I switch to your product I have not had any of the above problems. Plan to use your product from now on and have been recommending it to my friends.”

“I MUST follow up with you, now that we’ve been using the Carefree Spa products for six months.

We were about to retire and had purchased a very expensive spa, which I could not use without having a severe physical reaction. I desperately searched online for an effective alternative to the harsh chemicals that my body absolutely could not tolerate.

I found Carefree Spa, read the fabulous reviews, and actually phoned one very helpful gentleman who’d provided his name and phone number. I then went one step further and spoke at length with Darlene. I was still somewhat skeptical but felt I had nothing to lose.

WELL—that was the beginning of everything good—a real answer to my prayers! BOTH my husband and I now enjoy the spa multiple times per week. Maintenance is a breeze, and—most importantly—I’ve had no physical reactions whatsoever. What a find!

Thank you so much for this fabulous product and for being there when I needed you! The product is so good, and so easy to use, that we’ve spoken only once; but you were so informative in that one conversation that the rest has been easy!

Thanks so much again!”

We used chemicals in out hot tub 5 years, I did not like the smell and the way it dried your skin, so I found Carefree spa products online, we order them last year and never been happier, it’s so easy, every two months we pour the bottle in and don’t have to do anything for two months. Our water is crystal clear and always smell good, your skin feels soft never dry. I would recommend this product to anyone that does not want all the chemicals that can harm you and to have the convenience of just pouring in the bottle once a month. That’s the way to really enjoy the hot tub. When I call for questions or just to order the product, the customer service is exceptional, they are always professional and very helpful.
Cindy – WI

The Carefree Spa Care chemicals have been the best.  Also the person I buy the products from every six months is wonderful.  If I ever have questions, I call her on the telephone and she is very helpful–the best.

When I first bought this product, I asked two people I knew from my church.  The first person was a biotech analyst and had been using this for a few years, the other person who highly recommended this to me was the music director and had used the Carefree for some time.  This was proof for me. With Carefree I do not need or use any bromine or chlorine products for my spa.  This is best for me and my wife’s skin care and does not ruin or decay any of the spa parts.  I have moved and am now using it in my third spa. I’ve been using Carefree Spa for over 13 years, the best.

I find it best to get the Carefree Spa from Darlene. I go about every 6 months and then go to the Oceanside Beach for lunch.  A day of pleasure for my wife and myself.
Bob and Susan Burks -SUN CITY, CA (Menifee)

“The biggest thing I love about it is after you sit in the spa in the evening you don’t have to go take a shower. Yeah, that’s nice to not have to, you know, get in the warm spa. You’re nice and relaxed, ready to go to bed. And then if you had chlorine all over you, you’d have to stop and take a shower. And it’s simple. Simple, simple, simple.”
Julie C. – BALDWIN PARK, CA“I have been using your product in my spa since January 2012. I am THOROUGHLY impressed and satisfied. This product is truly maintenance free. My spa water is clear, odor free and beautiful. I had been attempting to balance for 2 years prior with many costly chemicals to no avail. Your product just works!! No testing, no fuss. I just love it!! I am now a life long, satisfied, happy customer.
Deana D – WEST MELBOURNE, FL“This is my 3rd order—I’M SOLD !!! No ugly chemical smells–Clean sparkling water always–Easy to use—It does not get better then this. Please feel free to use my name as a reference. Thank you.
Jim Thiessen – GEYSERVILLE, CAStarted using Naturel Spa in November 2007“The 14 days since we received Le Naturel Spa are in the past. We have entered into a whole new world of spa enjoyment. I just finished my first spa experience with your product and I am amazed at the smoothness of my skin, the pleasant fragrance I smell on me and in the spa, the clarity of the water, and the price which I paid for your product. It is worth every cent!”
Skip C. – VISTA, CA“Just to let you know your product is tremendous. I have used it consistently since I bought my spa in July 2006, and the enzymes work really well with no additional chemicals needed. Your customer support is also fantastic. The trick for all new customers is to call you and let you walk them through the steps. It takes a little while for the spa to adapt to the enzymes and once this is done it really is carefree!! Thanks for your help.”
Dr. Steve – PORTLAND, OR“A great product – I would never go back to chemicals.”
TOM A. – SAN DIEGO, CA“We use our spa everyday! Before Le Naturel Spa, we suffered from dry, itchy skin and exposure of tons of chemicals. Le Naturel Spa is the best! Pure, clean, fresh water with no chemical irritation – Great product!”
Michel A. – CHINO, CA“I really like this so much better than the chemicals. My skin feels so much softer when I get out of the spa. I’m sold!”
Sherri T. – YUCAIPA, CA“This is everything promised. Water is always completely clear. No testing and no chemicals. Great!”
Lynn K. – CLAREMONT, CA“When I first saw this stuff, I didn’t think it would work. After one use I’m totally sold on this product. I now have this big box filled with chemicals that are not being used. Thanks for the service that you people have given me.”
Jesse M. – SAN DIEGO, CA“Thank you for introducing me to your wonderful Le Naturel Spa product! I am amazed not only at how crystal-clear my spa is, but also how great the water feels. I love not having to rinse the chlorine off me or my swim suit — and my skin feels better after I use the spa! When you add this with the ease of using Le Naturel Spa and the cost savings, I feel you have a revolutionary product that everyone should be using.”
Greg M. – PLACENTIA, CA“We use the spa all the time. The water is so soft and feels great!”
Fred M. – ESCONDIDO, CA“My wife and I have been using the product in our spa for almost seven months, and it does exactly what it says it will do! Most important to my wife is the fact that since using Le Naturel Spa she has stopped having a recurring yeast infection exacerbated by spa use. This makes the product very worthwhile to us, and we would pay twice the price. I highly recommend Le Naturel Spa.”
Dave M. – OCEANSIDE, CA“No smell, no fuss. no chemicals! The enzymes and water softeners create clean, clear water that takes care of itself. Truly an amazing product!!!”
Rob & Cathy V. – LANCASTER, PA,
Carefree Spa Customer Since 2004“Love this product. We have been using this now for two years and it is fabulous. I even turned this product on to my brother and sister-in-law, as well as friends of ours. Everyone loves the product and the ease of taking care of the Hot Tub now.”
Diane R. – BALTIMORE, MD.I just wanted to let you know that I love the hot tub products.I followed your directions and started with the Citri-clean, drained the hot tub, refilled it, used bleach and eventually Le Naturel Spa.My husband and I have used the tub on mutiple occassions and the water is crystal clear. Even my husband stated how nice the water felt.Being able to contact you if I need to is wonderful and your response has been very timely. I don’t need to leave you messages and hope that you will call back sometime.My experience has been excellent all the way around both with the product and the customer service.
Lynne – BREMEN, GA“My husband and I have been customers of Carefree Spa, Inc. for almost seven years, March 2010. We have been hot tub owners since 1988. By January 2010, I had become extremely allergic to all hot tub chemicals. We tried everything from Bromine to pool chlorine. We were discussing the idea of removing our hot tub from the deck…Very Sad.Then while searching online for any possible solution I found Carefree Spa, Inc. and Darlene. Carefree’s product is all natural and saved our hot tub and our live style. My husband and I use our hot tub every night after supper throughout the winter and our five grandchildren use our hot tub as a small swimming pool all spring and fall.Thank you Darlene for your wonderful product and service, you are much appreciated by the Hornbuckles.”
Carol and Kim Hornbuckle – Inman, SCThank you so much for your product. It has given my husband another chance to use our new hot tub. He no longer has to sit on the sideline as the chemicals irritated his skin so bad. I now have a happy man.
Lisa – Texas

What People Say