ANNOUNCING…Naturel Spa – A Maintenance-Free Formula for a Safe, Crystal Clear Spa That ELIMINATES Regular Testing & Shock Treatments, Chemical Balancing and Toxic Spa Chemicals

Naturel Spa bottle
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When you bought your first spa, you were probably surprised at all the things you had to do just to keep your water looking clean, clear and safe.

You probably wondered why it seemed like you needed a chemistry degree just to test the water, adjust the pH, balance the chemicals, dealing with “ring-around-the-hot tub, “shocking” the spa and on and on. Why weren’t you told how much work you’d have to do just to have half-way decent water?

It’s a Dirty Secret…

…the spa industry does NOT want to talk about. Because if spa owners knew the truth about the toxic chemicals they’ve been sold to keep their spas “safe,” the whole industry would probably collapse.

We don’t have many dealers who sell our product in their stores. It’s not because we didn’t try. When we first started the company, we approached many dealers. They told us, quite frankly, they couldn’t make a reasonable profit selling Naturel Spa because it would cannibalize sales of their other more profitable spa chemicals.

They want you to buy more chemicals, more often so they can make more money. Good for them, bad for you.

But You Don’t Have To Put Up With This…

You don’t need a shelf full of smelly, toxic chemicals for spa maintenance. You don’t need to test your water every few days. You don’t need to struggle with balancing the chemistry of your water. All you need is Naturel Spa, an enzyme-based product with no harsh or toxic chemicals to keep your spa clear, clean and odorless.

When I first saw this stuff, I didn’t think it would work. After one use I’m totally sold on this product. I now have this big box filled with chemicals that are not being used. Thanks for the service that you people have given me.” Jesse M. – SAN DIEGO, CA

The water is very clean and clear. No more ring around the spa. I’ve tested it 3 times and it’s right on the button. I am very happy.” – Andre M. – MESA, AZ

And It’s So Simple…

Just pour a bottle of Naturel Spa into your spa or hot tub, hose off the filters and you’re good to go for the next two months. Naturel Spa eliminates all the work you do now to maintain the quality of your spa water…

“I put some additional product about every 60 days. I dump my water maybe about every 8 months. Clean my filter about once a week. Everything stays so fresh and clear.”” – John Dahlgren – VISTA, CA

Imagine NOT having to constantly test, adjust the pH and add all the other chemicals every few days

“This product is truly maintenance free. My spa water is clear, odor free and beautiful. I had been attempting to balance for 2 years prior with many costly chemicals to no avail. Your product just works!! No testing, no fuss. I just love it!!” -Deana D – WEST MELBOURNE, FL

Imagine having water so silky soft and clean you don’t even have to shower after soaking in your spa

“The biggest thing I love about it is after you sit in the spa in the evening you don’t have to go take a shower.” -Julie C. – BALDWIN PARK, CA

Your filter, pump and heater will last much longer and require less maintenance because they won’t have corrosive chemicals constantly eating away at them

“We changed over and could not believe the difference. No more chemicals! Our heater has increased its efficiency by 20%. Always a joy, put in a jar and feel the smooth clear water.” -Linda O. – ESCONDIDO, CA

And at HALF THE PRICE you pay for chemicals

“I am amazed at the smoothness of my skin, the pleasant fragrance I smell on me and in the spa, the clarity of the water, and the price which I paid for your product. It is worth every cent!” -Skip C. – VISTA, CA

Just one bottle of Naturel Spa added to a 500-gallon spa will eliminate foam, odors and cloudiness for two months under normal use.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We’ve made some pretty bold claims about what Naturel Spa can do to eliminate the tedious, time consuming and no-fun-at-all chores you must do to balance a chemical laden spa. Most people find it hard to believe because the spa industry has convinced them they need these chemicals to maintain their spa.

Then when we claim Naturel Spa can also get rid of skin rash because there are no longer any harsh, toxic chemicals in their spa, thought bubbles appear above their heads that say “I don’t believe it. It can’t possibly do ALL that.” We understand. You should be skeptical. We would.

Discover for yourself what Naturel Spa can do for you without any risk to you. Here’s our guarantee…

We’re so confident you’ll be happy with Naturel Spa that we have a 90-day 100% Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee. That means if for any reason (or no reason at all), you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund every penny of your purchase (minus shipping and handling). No questions asked. No hassles. No forms to fill out. And no hard feelings either. There is no risk to you!

Join the thousands of others soaking in the sparkling clean water made possible by Naturel Spa. They’re enjoying their spas and hot tubs instead of maintaining them. They’re feeling safe because they’re no longer exposing themselves to toxic chemicals. And they’re ecstatic about finally getting rid of the skin rash and the unbearable itching. Click on the Naturel Spa product below that fits your needs best.

4 pack of Naturel Spa

Best Value and Most Popular Package

Naturel Spa – 4-Pack, Four 16-oz. Bottles
12% savings over individually ordered bottles!

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Naturel Spa Starter Kit wiht Naturel Spa and Citri-Clean

First-time Buyer? Save 12%!

Naturel Spa Starter Kit – 20 oz. of Citri-Clean and 16-oz. bottle of Naturel Spa. A 1-2-punch for a healthy spa.

  • Eliminate scale, corrosion and chemical buildup in your spa caused by chemicals used in the past with Citri-Clean.
  • Then keep it clean, safe and crystal-clear with Naturel Spa.

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See Disclaimer for Citri-Clean

Naturel Spa bottle

Naturel Spa – Keep your spa safe, clean and crystal-clear with NO TOXIC CHEMICALS.“Hands off” all natural spa maintenance with NO chemical balancing, regular testing or regular shock treatments!

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