STOP Aggravating, Itching Hot Tub Rash Caused by Chlorine, Bromine And Other Toxic Spa Chemicals with Naturel Spa…an All Natural Enzyme Spa Treatment

Click on the video below to hear how a spa user of 17 years no longer suffers from hot tub rash with Naturel Spa.

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One of the Biggest Problems…

…that keeps many people, through no fault of their own, from enjoying their spa or hot tub is …ugly, painful hot tub rash and the aggravating itching that comes with it caused by spa chemicals.

Think about it. Many of the chemicals in your spa are toxic. Take chlorine for example. Did you know chlorine reacts with organic material in your spa and produces carcinogenic compounds? As a result, many cities are looking at alternatives to chlorine for treating their drinking water.

And what about the other chemicals in your hot tub? The pH up, pH down, de-foamers, sanitizers, clarifiers, bactericides, brominators, scale preventers, minerals, scum busters, stain eliminators and it goes on and on. There are dozens of companies who manufacture their own proprietary blend of spa chemicals. Most spa owners are completely unaware of all the chemicals in their hot tub.

Your Spa Is Supposed to Be Healthy for You BUT…

IT ISN’T and that’s because so many people are allergic to spa chemicals. More people are allergic to more things than ever before. Worldwide, allergies have been steadily increasing in the industrialized world (that’s us!) for more than 50 years.

It’s a big problem because of all the chemicals you add to your spa, how do you know which one is the culprit causing your skin to break out in unsightly rashes accompanied by the miserable, aggravating itchiness? Maybe it’s not a single chemical. It could be a particular combination of two, three or even more chemicals that are causing the problem.

Can you imagine what a long nightmare it would be to sort out which one(s) is actually causing the problem? And when you do discover what is causing your rash, will it be a chemical you must use keep your spa safe, clear and odorless?

When you bought your first spa or hot tub, you were probably surprised at all the chemicals you had to add regularly to keep your water looking clean, clear and safe.

It may seem like you need a chemistry degree just to test the water, adjust the pH, balance the chemicals, deal with “ring-around-the-hot tub,” regularly “shock” the spa and on and on. Yes, it can take a lot of time to maintain your spa water using spa chemicals.

But You Don’t Need a Shelf Full of Smelly, Toxic and Expensive Chemicals

There’s a simple solution…Naturel Spa. Here’s what one of our happy customers wrote to us…

When I first saw this stuff, I didn’t think it would work. After one use I’m totally sold on this product. I now have this big box filled with chemicals that are not being used. Thanks for the service that you people have given me.” Jesse M. – SAN DIEGO, CA

“I really like this so much better than the chemicals. My skin feels so much softer when I get out of the spa.” Sherri T. – YUCAIPA, CA

FINALLY…You Can Eliminate Hot Tub Rash and Enjoy Your Spa the Way You Always Imagined It Would Be…

…blissfully soaking in clean, clear water with no chemical smell. No itching. No ugly rashes or bumps.

“It does exactly what it says it will do! Most important to my wife is the fact that since using Naturel Spa she has stopped having a recurring yeast infection exacerbated by spa use.” Dave M. – OCEANSIDE, CA.

“We are enjoying Naturel Spa. No more itching and our skin feels great! Ray B. – LAKESIDE, CA

“Thank you so much for your product. It has given my husband another chance to use our new hot tub. He no longer has to sit on the sideline as the chemicals irritated his skin so bad. I now have a happy man.” Lisa – TX

And when you’re through soaking and ready for a good night’s sleep, you don’t have to take a shower. Who wants to take a shower that can jolt you out of your blissfully relaxed state? Just dry off, ease into bed and gently drift into a restful sleep.

“The biggest thing I love about it is after you sit in the spa in the evening you don’t have to go take a shower.” -Julie C. – BALDWIN PARK, CA

“I am amazed not only at how crystal-clear my spa is, but also how great the water feels. I love not having to rinse the chlorine off me or my swim suit — and my skin feels better after I use the spa!” Greg M. – PLACENTIA, CA

Here’s What Else Naturel Spa Can Do…

  • You won’t have to “balance” your water because the only thing you need in your spa or hot tub to keep it clean, clear and odorless is Naturel Spa. Just add a bottle every two months under normal use. Drain and refill once a year.
  • Your filter, pump and heater will last much longer and require less maintenance because they won’t have corrosive chemicals constantly eating away at them.
  • No foam, no green water, no gritty crystals forming on the sides of your spa and no scrubbing.

90-Day Money-back Guarantee!

We’ve made some pretty bold claims about what Naturel Spa can do to eliminate unsightly rashes and relieve the aggravating itching. Most people find it hard to believe because before they tried Naturel Spa, they thought they had tried everything…and NOTHING worked.

Then when we claim Naturel Spa eliminates the tedious, time consuming and no-fun-at-all chores you must do to balance a chemical laden spa, thought bubbles appear above their heads that say “I don’t believe it. It can’t possibly do ALL that.” We understand. You should be skeptical. We would.

Discover for yourself what Naturel Spa can do for you without any risk to you. Here’s our guarantee…

We’re so confident you’ll be happy with Naturel Spa that we have a 90-day 100% Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee. That means if for any reason (or no reason at all), you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund every penny of your purchase (minus shipping and handling). No questions asked. No hassles. No forms to fill out. And no hard feelings either. There is no risk to you!

Join the thousands of others soaking in the sparkling clean water made possible by Naturel Spa. They’re enjoying their spas and hot tubs instead of maintaining them. They’re feeling safe because they’re no longer exposing themselves to toxic chemicals. And they’re ecstatic about finally getting rid of the skin rash and the unbearable itching. Click on the Naturel Spa product below that fits your needs best.

4 pack of Naturel Spa

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Naturel Spa 4-Pack

  • Four 16-oz. Bottles purchased individually $87.80.
  • Natural Spa 4-Pack $76.95  A 12% savings over individually purchased bottles!

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Naturel Spa Starter Kit wiht Naturel Spa and Citri-Clean

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Naturel Spa Starter Kit – 20 oz. of Citri-Clean and 16-oz. bottle of Naturel Spa. A 1-2-punch for a healthy spa.

  • Eliminate scale, corrosion and chemical buildup in your spa caused by chemicals used in the past with Citri-Clean.
  • Then keep it clean, safe and crystal-clear with Naturel Spa.
  • Citri-Clean and Naturel Spa purchased individually $43.90.
  • Starter Kit $38.95  A 12% savings over individually purchased bottles!

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