If You Have a Vinyl or Soft-sided Spa…

Only use Naturel Spa for vinyl or soft-sided spas AFTER one year of normal use with traditional spa chemicals.

This is because new vinyl/inflatable spas will give off chemicals which soften the water. Since Naturel Spa also softens water, the combination of the two makes the sides of the spa very slippery or slimy.

You can use Naturel Spa after a year of using traditional spa chemicals because the spa will no longer be giving off chemicals.

When you switch to Naturel Spa, you must first drain the spa and refill it with fresh water.

CAUTION: Do NOT use Citri-Clean with vinyl or soft-sided spas, e.g., Softub spas, etc. Citri-Clean lowers the pH of the water and stretches the vinyl which can damage the spa.