Hazy Water?

Hazy water means you can tell your spa is not as clear as it could be. Cloudy water means you can’t see the bottom of your spa.

When using any natural enzyme product, you can use the regular test kits to check the pH and the alkalinity. Enzymes won’t affect the test results. Also the chlorine or bromine part should always be zero or white. In most cases the other chemicals are no longer needed. The water temperature should be kept above 80 °F with the Naturel Spa product.

Here are seven reasons why the spa water gets hazy to cloudy.

  1. Old chemicals OR waxes and glues (if a new spa) in the plumbing of the spa. An indicator of this is when the pH keeps bouncing up and down.
  2. Going too long on a bottle of product. Because there is no test kit for the enzymes, it is important to stay on the correct schedule. You spa can use up all of the product which causes build up in the plumbing and still have perfectly clear water. When you add a bottle of Naturel Spa, it breaks loose the build up from going too long causing the water to become hazy. You can avoid hazy water by following the recommended schedule.
  3. Running the spa for too long. You can run your spa for up to two hours per day and have clean, clear water without any haze.
  4. Refilling a spa that has been empty for a few months. When a spa is empty for 3 months or longer, the chemical build up in the plumbing becomes solid. A few weeks after refilling the spa and adding Naturel Spa, the build up will dissolve in the water and cause haze.
  5. Not cleaning a filter properly before putting it in your spa. New spa filters have a coating to protect them from aging. If you don’t remove it and put the filter into a spa treated with Naturel Spa, you’ll have hazy water. Soaking a new filter in a bucket with ½ cup of bleach for a few hours or overnight removes the coating. When you put the treated filter with the coating removed into your spa, you’ll have clean, clear water with no haze.
  6. Not removing the filter when you add Naturel Spa. Naturel Spa is a thick liquid and requires time to dissipate in your spa. If you add it to a spa, the filter will clog resulting in hazy water. Taking the filter out for a few hours allows Naturel Spa to dissipate evenly throughout the spa so when the filter is placed in the spa, it coats but does not clog the filter resulting in a clean, clear non-hazy spa.
  7. The spa water has a high mineral content. If your spa water has a high mineral content, it’s important to follow the EVERY TIME YOU FILL YOUR SPA WITH NEW WATER instructions on the cover page of the Carefree instruction booklet. After refilling the spa, add the correct amount of chlorine granules (2 teaspoons for every100 gallons of water) or regular household bleach (3 ounces for every 100 gallons of water) to shock the new water to kill any algae in that water. While the chlorine/bleach is in the water, balance the pH to the normal range of 7.2 to 7.6, then when the chlorine/bleach burns off in 3 days, add the Naturel Spa.

Temporary Fix #1: This works for scenarios #1 and #4. If you have not reached the 20 hours of total bather usage, add 1 ounce of regular household bleach for every 100 gallons of water OR 1 teaspoon of chlorine granules weekly. This will shorten the time to add another bottle of Naturel Spa by about 1 to 2 weeks.

Temporary Fix #2: The other temporary fix is to use a little clarifier in the water. Start with ½ the dosage recommended on the bottle.

Hazy water continually coming back after a few days means there are more old chemicals or waxes and glues in the plumbing of the spa which means another Citri-Clean purge is needed. If you do not have Citri-Clean, 1 gallon of white vinegar for every 100 gallons or getting the pH to 6 will also work to clean the plumbing of the spa. After the purge, drain and follow the EVERY TIME YOU FILL YOUR SPA WITH NEW WATER instructions on the cover page of the Carefree instruction booklet.

If your water gets hazy after using your first bottle of Naturel Spa, then another Citri-Clean purge or another drain is needed.The Naturel Spa will keep your water clean, clear and safe, and prevent scale on the plumbing and parts of the spa as long as all the old chemicals are out of the plumbing and you stay on the recommended schedule.

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