Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning Your Spa with Vinegar, Spa Purge from local Spa store or Citri-Clean (if available)
1. Six days before you drain: Turn on pumps and slowly sprinkle Citri-Clean (if available) into skimmer area. Use 10 oz. for every 250 gallons of water. Balance the pH to 6.0. OR 1 gallon of white vinegar for every 100 gallons of water. Or you can buy Spa Purge from your local Spa store. Get pH to 6.
2. Open all jets. Run on high frequently for 5–7 days. Run air blowers for a minute or two. The water will get hazy (not crystal clear) to cloudy (cannot see through the water) as Citri-Clean cleans your spa. You may use the spa unless you have high levels of chemicals in the water.
3. Drain the spa through the hose you use to fill your spa, to clean the hose.
4. Use “Clean Shower” or any other non-foaming bathroom cleaner to clean the shell.
5. While draining, remove the filter and place the hose in the filter inlet to force clean water through the plumbing.
6. Rinse and drain the rinse water, then wipe down the inside of the spa.
7. Rinse filter with high-pressure nozzle on hose before putting it back in the spa.

Every Time You Fill Your Spa with New Water – DO NOT WAX YOUR SPA!

DAY 1:
1. Fill spa with municipal water from a clean hose.
2. Place hose in filter area while filling to flood plumbing with new water and prevent air bubbles from getting trapped in the lines. Air in plumbing can prevent the pump from circulating the water.
3. Shock new water with 15ppm chlorine, (3 oz. bleach or 2 teaspoons spa chlorine granules for every 100 gallons of water), to destroy chloramines, algae and tannins. This amount of chlorine/bleach SHOULD take 3 full days to go away.
4. Balance the pH to 7.2 to 7.6. Turn on heater and circulation pump until spa reaches temperature. You may now use your spa, though the chlorine will be very noticeable.

DAY 2 and DAY 3:
If there is no odor of chlorine/bleach during Day 2 or Day 3,  add ½ the original dosage to the water. Otherwise, you may get a green tint or musty odor a few days after adding Le Naturel Spa.

DAY 4:

  1. When the chlorine is less than 1 ppm (you can’t smell it).
  2. Remove the filter from the skimmer. Turn on circulating pump. Turn off air injectors to reduce foaming.
  3. Pour one full bottle of Le Naturel Spa into skimmer area for all spas up to 450 gallons; 1 bottle for every 500 gallons in larger spas.
  4. Allow at least 4 hours for Le Naturel Spa to fully dissolve into the hot water before replacing the filter or circulating water through it.
  5. ENJOY!

If water becomes hazy (not crystal clear) with the first Le Naturel Spa, repeat the Citri-Clean instructions.

If You’ve Been Using Baqua Spa:

  1. Drain spa following instructions above.
  2. Fill spa with municipal water from a clean hose.
  3. Follow the Citri-Clean instructions.

If You’re Using Well Water (or if water is very hard):

  1. On Day 2: Adjust pH to between 7 and 8, alkalinity 80 to 140.
  2. On Day 3: Add Citri-Clean to prevent stain or scale problems


DAILY: Run pumps for 15 minutes or longer and air blowers for 1 minute or more.

EVERY TWO MONTHS: (depending on usage)

   1) Rinse filter clean with high-pressure nozzle on garden hose.

   2) With filter out, add 1 full bottle of Le Naturel Spa.

   3) Wait 4 hours before replacing filter, for the treatment to dissolve into the water.

  4) Add 1 tsp chlorine granules for every 100 gallons of water OR 1 oz. of regular household bleach for every 100 gallons of water one time per week to help with heavy usage and follow EPA regulations.

Drain spa after using 6 bottles of Le Naturel Spa, following the instructions on the cover page by using the Citri-Clean or White Vinegar.

ONE BOTTLE of Le Naturel Spa LASTS for 20 hours of total bather use,  counting each week that goes by as 1 hour of use. This is normally two  months. 2 month schedule is 1 to 2 people 2 times per week for 15 minutes.

On the website, see When to Add Another Bottle of Naturel Spa.

Clean your filter only while adding a bottle of Le Naturel Spa.