Foam in Your Spa?

If you have foam in your spa, here’s what could be causing it.

  1. Algae. Adding chlorine/bleach to your spa to get rid of algae often causes foaming. That’s a good sign because it means it’s working. The foaming goes away after the algae dies. In the meantime, run the jets for a few hours after using the spa and rinse the filter.
  2. You’ve unknowingly put soap into your spa. Scented bleach contains soap. If you have added a bleach with a fragrance or SOAP, drain the spa and follow the EVERY TIME YOU FILL YOUR SPA WITH NEW WATER instructions on the cover page of the Carefree instruction booklet.
  3. Your filter may be clogged with Naturel Spa. If your filter is where it normally belongs, adding Naturel Spa will clog the filter and prevent the product from dissipating properly. To correct the problem, remove the filter, put it where your feet sit in the spa and leave it there for a day or two to allow Naturel Spa to properly dissipate. Then put the filter back where it belongs.

To keep your spa foam-free, follow the recommended schedule.